What are the Alternatives to a Classic Plain Leather Wallet for Men?

Fashion accessories are a great way to add personality to your clothes,What are the Alternatives to a Classic Plain Leather Wallet for Men? Articles without dominating your whole look. The leather wallet is considered a plain and functional accessory, with little opportunity for customisation. Whilst many men favour a plain wallet for its smart and classic look, there is also strong demand for unique and fashionable wallets. This is certainly the case for the younger gentleman, but also for the man who appreciates individuality and attention to detail. There are many distinct and unique wallets on the market that offer style and versatility. In this article I will look at the different ways wallets can be customised (e.g. leather treatments, colours, lining and embossing), with particular reference to the designer brands that make them.

Most fashion brands manufacture a range of men’s wallets, but I will focus on those that have a particular point of difference whilst remaining commercial. One of the most exciting wallet brands to emerge has been J.Fold, a New York based company established in 2003 that manufactures quality sports wallets. They have quickly developed a strong following amongst the likes of Justin Timberlake and the Arctic Monkeys, and are known for modern and bold designs. Diesel is known as an urban brand, and their men’s wallets reflect this ideal with edgy designs that display maturity. Timberland offers a piece of the rugged outdoors with their fashionable accessories, whilst remaining relevant to the urban consumer. Ted Baker understands that men need versatility with their accessories as well as a unique sense of style, and offer a strong range of wallets. Simon Carter offer s a modern take on classic English design, and have crafted a distinctive and light hearted approach to their leather accessories.

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The majority of men’s wallets come in black or brown leather, as they are extremely versatile and present a smart image. There are many interesting alternative colours that range from natural tones to the bright and vibrant. Timberland produce a range of wallets in natural and earthy tones which includes their classic tan colour (known as weathered iron), a light beigey-grey and an earthy brown. It shows off a more laid back and casual image, suitable for casual and business-casual attire. Many designer brands such as Ted Baker incorporate colour into a wallet with a coloured edge that contrasts with the brown or black leather. J.Fold use exciting colour contrasts such as a turquoise trim against brown leather. They are more famous though for their bold use of colour throughout the wallet such as bright reds, racing greens, blues and yellow. Although not for everyone, their colourful wallets are street smart and will receive a lot of attention from admirers.

Many wallets use a textured leather effect for interest, but there are other approaches to livening up the leather surface. For example, a leather glaze produces a shiny effect for a unique character without being too ‘way-out’. Simon Carter uses a glaze combined with a vintage effect on its travel wallet for a light hearted spin, ideal for city professionals who want a bit of individuality. Timberland uses a Nubuck leather for its ‘Sleeker’ wallet range which is softer and lighter than normal leather and has a similar look to suede. This is ideal for a casual and laid back look.

Many designer brands also customise the wallet by creating patterns and shapes with the leather. Most designer wallets have an embossed logo, but others use embossing to create abstract patterns (e.g. the Ted Baker Cutout wallet which has a paisley pattern). The most playful designs come from J.Fold, who developed a technique of punching holes into their wallets, with a lining behind in contrasting colours. The J.Fold ví cầm tay nam cao cấp Loungemaster has tiny perforated holes punched into the leather surface, whilst the Reverb has small oval shapes that gradually change size. J.Fold also layer pieces of leather on top of the main wallet, as in their Roadster wallet which has two strips of leather to look like racing stripes. Another very modern approach to customise a wallet is screen-printing directly onto the leather. Diesel, known for their urban influences, screen-print anarchic designs for a dramatic look.

A more subtle way of customising a wallet is a contrasting lining, which can be dramatic without dominating the whole wallet. A subtle but effective look is a brown interior on a black wallet or vice versa. J.Fold take this a bit further and uses very colourful interior colours such as lime green and bright orange. Simon Carter, known for their quirky sense of humour, line all their wallets with a colourful comic strip that was developed exclusively for the brand. There are many types of unique and individual wallets that offer subtle and dramatic alternatives to the plain and ordinary.