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If you want a vacation filled with culture and history,Car rental Izmir Car Hire Articles then you need to visit the province of Izmir, located in Turkey. Formerly called Smyrna, it has been constructed over 2 millennia ago by Alexander the Great. Now it’s a bustling metropolitan filled with contrasting edifices of the new and the old.
If you want to save money while exploring the city, then you can avail of Izmir car rental services that can take you throughout the metropolitan for the entire day. Great places to stop by include the Clock Tower or Saa Kulesi, which is deemed as the symbol of Izmir. Built by Kucuk Said Pasa in 1901, it was constructed to celebrate the Kingship of Abdulhamit II. The clock tower is flanked with four fountains, and bears a unique oriental look, which is contrast with the Byzantine architectures in the area.
Another place to visit once you have availed Luxury Car Rental of a rent a car in Izmir service is the Kadifekale Castle, or “Velvet Castle.” Before the Turkish era, the Castle was known as the “Pagos.” Located on the hilltop of Kadifekale in the Konak region, you can see the entire cityscape from the apex of this ancient fortification. Near the castle are several Roman cisterns, whose ruins were restored during the glorious Byzantine area. These cisterns provided the drinking water for the monarchs who lived in the Kadifekale Castle.
For a romantic getaway, avail of a car hire in Izmir service to the coastal town of Kordon. Located near the Alsancak dock, Kordon is a great place to spend a casual sunset stroll with your girlfriend, perhaps the best place to ask her hand for marriage. In Kordon you can have a picnic with your family and enjoy the lovely view of the sunset. You can also go on board a “Phaeton,” a horse carriage ride that covers the Kordon bayside.